Evaluate, Install and start Saving.

EarthStar will guide you to more efficient building management for your business.

We will quantify your energy saving opportunities & provide you with an Energy Assessment at no cost.

You decide how best to implement a utility strategy that gives your business immediate savings.

EarthStar will manage all aspects of the installation.

We will administer all utility rebate paperwork on your behalf to ensure you maximize any savings your business is qualified for.

Guaranteed Savings
After installation we monitor your savings and guarantee a two year Return on your Investment (ROI). EarthStar’s ROI platform will provide you with real time savings that will show you exactly what your savings are and how to reduce your costs.

Unlock the full potential of your buildings
energy efficiency and increase cash flow for your business!

We’re helping businesses create
real energy savings
through energy efficiency.





Providing data analysis of commercial
and residential energy efficiency projects.

We’ve changed the face of
energy efficiency.

It’s our disciplined approach, utility program design, integrated delivery
and sales excellence that set  us apart –
and we can bring programs to even hard to reach customers.

We’re helping businesses create real energy
savings through energy efficiency.

Utility Bill Assessment
Budgeting and Planning
Free Up Cash Flow for Your Business

Our Installation Services

Lighting Upgrades
Benefit from the best LED lighting technology to create well-lit spaces that deliver impressive financial returns.

Earth Star is a Complete Energy Management Company

We help businesses reduce and manage energy costs by providing sustainable energy solutions that maximizes your bottom line.

About Us

EarthStar LED Corp is a British Columbia based company that sells, distributes, wholesales and installs LED lighting fixtures and systems. Our goal is to help consumers find a cost-effective solution so that our customers can lower their energy requirements and therefore lower energy costs.  Earthstar sells and distributes LED lighting technology across Canada and USA for commercial and residential use.

We offer a complete line of only premium quality LED lights, with standard 5 year warranty on all products. Our solutions, which are factory direct, have an average return on investment of less than 2 years. Our products are intended to provide our clients with the best available technology to lower their energy usage at a competitive price.

At Earthstar LED we are united by a shared determination to transform lives for the better by delivering energy solutions to our corporate clients.  Today Earthstar is working with financial institutions, in order to help our corporate clients make the switch to LED more simple and without upfront costs. What we focus on is providing our clients with bespoke LED solutions, premium quality, highest lumen/watt, high CRI lighting with standard 5 year warranty. We deliver best solutions at best costs, without undermining quality and safety. Our installers have been installing LED lighting in the GVRD for over seven years and company management has been involved in the lighting industry for over a decade.

EarthStar LED continues its commitment to innovative LED solutions and can design custom LED solutions that are superior in lowering energy usage and providing better lighting to enhance productivity, safety and performance. Today Earthstar LED has distribution centres based out of Vancouver and Los Angeles, providing our customers with exceptional service. To get a FREE detailed site survey and audit, please contact one of our lighting consultants to help your business flip the switch to LED lighting. We will support you through inception to completion. To know more please contact us for a Free Energy Audit.

EarthStar LED – Energy for Life!

Energy Savings, Guaranteed!


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A 30 minute assessment can lead to 30% savings on energy costs.

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